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My interest in bullpup guns

My interest in bullpup guns got started when I happened to notice a short write-up on the MSAR STG-556 in American Rifleman. The rifle had just come out at the 2007 SHOT show and the limited-edition rifle sets were on the market.

I saw the pictures, read up about it on the company's website and elsewhere, and somehow it just grabbed me. The esthetics, the unusual action, the fact that I'd never seen a gun like it, all added up to fascinate me. And, of course, as I thought about my own collection, the evil spirits whispered in my brain: "Hey. You know what? You don't own anything with a bullpup action. You've got bolt-actions, and regular semi-autos, and revolvers, and pump-actions, and break-actions, but no bullpup actions. How can you stand that?"

Of course the answer was, "I can't" So I found a tan one at Midwest Gun and Range, plunked down my money and got my rifle.

The bullpup as pistol

Pistol? Huh? Yes--the STG-556 is a pistol under Michigan law. It's a firearm less than 30 inches long, and that's all there is to it. It is now duly registered in this fair state as a pistol. And, since I have a permit to carry a concealed pistol, I could actually sling this thing on and keep properly concealed it under a long, heavy coat and walk around as if I were some sort of character in a movie! Such are the vagaries of firearms law.

Robert W. Bethune