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Welcome to my fascination with bullpup firearms.

These web pages are the result of the fact that for some reason I find bullpup firearms enormously interesting. I have and shoot a variety of different guns, including semi-auto and bolt-action rifles, semi-auto and revolver handguns, pump-action and side-by-side shotguns, etc., but the bullpup design is just a barrel of fun and a constantly interesting form of firearm.

You'll find three main sections here.

My personal thoughts and observations, mostly about shooting my own bullpup rifle, an MSAR STG-556.

Information I've gathered about the nature of bullpup firearms, such as design, history, and suchlike.

Information on specific makes and models of bullpup firearms, including military, law enforcement, and civilian models.

Other odds and ends, such as how to mount a bullpup (or other gun) on a wall in a way that might not have occurred to you.

I am very interested in hearing from you about bullpup guns. Feel free to drop me a line anytime. You may even find yourself quoted on these pages!

Last but not least, a disclaimer: my knowledge of these firearms is purely amateur, and this website is exactly that: the work of an amateur, which means someone who does what is done for the love of it. I am not an expert on firearms, particularly not on their use in violent encounters during combat, law-enforcement, or defensive action. I am not even an especially good shot, though I did hold the record score in my local club's military-rifle shoots for a while. I just really enjoy shooting, and I particularly enjoy these bullpup guns, and I hope you'll take this website in that spirit and enjoy them along with me.

Robert W. Bethune


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