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Hanging bullpup guns (and other guns) on the wall

I like to keep my guns out where I can see them. I enjoy them more, I handle them more, I am more motivated to enjoy shooting them when I have them out on display.

The drapery holdback hook is what
holds the curtain, or in this case a
swag, back from the window.

For the bullpup, that meant deciding on a good way to display the gun on the wall. I have gun racks for my other long guns, but the bullpup isn't long enough to fit in any of those, and besides, the spaces on those racks are all occupied.

I browsed around quite a bit trying to find a solution that I liked, and then the gal at my local hardware store came up with a solution that would not have occurred to my poor benighted masculine brain.

Drapery hold-back hooks. Here's a Google image search that will show you lots and lots of them.

For my fellow benighted masculine creatures out there, a drapery holdback hook is a piece of decorative hardware mounted on a wall so as to hold back a curtain or drape from its window in that stylishly old-fashioned way.

They come in all sorts of sizes, shapes and styles, but the main thing for hanging a long gun is that they are nice and wide, about the size of your hand if you form your thumb and fingers into the shape of the letter J. The finials usually are threaded, so if they get in the way, they can be removed and replaced easily with any other sort of knob or post that fits the thread.

That makes them just about perfect for holding a long gun. The smaller ones would do a good job on a big handgun, such as a long-barrelled scoped hunting pistol.

She showed me a nice pair for under $10 including the screws and wall-anchors. A few minutes work with pencil, drill, hammer and screwdriver and the bullpup is securely mounted on the wall.


Robert W. Bethune