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FN PS90 courtesy Fabrique Nationale

Fabrique Nationale PS90

I had the pleasure of handling one of the PS90's at the 2008 NRA convention, although I regret that I couldn't fire it at the time.

My first impression was that the grip and trigger configuration, although a bit strange to look at, was ergonomically excellent. My hand fell right into it and it pointed very naturally.

As I noted elsewhere on this website, some people think that changing magazines on a bullpup rifle is necessarily clumsy. I don't agree with that, but this rifle brings an interesting angle to the discussion.

The magazine fits flat on top of the rifle, so the magazine hand simply comes over the top of the gun and pops the magazine out. That may be one of the easiest ways to reach a magazine ever. The other way in which this rifle complicates the discussion is that the magazine holds fifty rounds. With that kind of magazine capacity, the need to change magazines quickly is greatly reduced.

Robert W. Bethune