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Some interesting bullpup guns

FN F2000 courtesy Fabrique Nationale

Fabrique Nationale F2000

This rifle brings into view another interesting aspect of bullpup guns: for some reason, designers seem to be much more willing to cut loose and do something futuristic, stylized, or in some way just not what you usually see. If someone were to look at one of these and say, puzzled, "Is that a gun?" I could pretty readily understand the confusion.

The difference that stands out right away between the PS90 and the F2000 is the magazine. Where the PS90 uses a 50 round horizontal magazine, the The F2000 uses regular vertical M16 magazines. The F2000 comes with a 17.4 inch barrel, as opposed to the 16 inch barrel on the PS90. The "Tactical" model shown here comes with a top rail for a scope or other optic. The "Standard" model comes with a FN 1.5x optical sight

Robert W. Bethune