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Image:SA-80 rifle 1996.jpg
Enfield SA80 courtesy Wikipedia Commons

Enfield SA-80

As far as I know, there is no civilian version of this rifle.

Just as the US military decided that if you weren't right-handed to begin with, you would jolly well become right-handed to shoot an M14 or an M16, so the British designers at Enfield decided that the shooter could just figure out how to be right-handed when shooting the SA80. You can see the ejection port is on the right side of the rifle, and the cocking handle, also on the right side of the rifle, cycles when the gun is fired. It would be pretty unpleasant for a lefty.

One intriguing feature of the gun is that Enfield made a an accessory kit to convert the weapon to shoot .22 rimfire. We're all used to conversion kits for civilian 1911's, but how many military guns convert for plinking and practice?

The SA80 was standard issue in the British armed forces for a long time. When production ceased in 1994, many thousands were in service. Like the US M16, the gun was a focus of controversy that never died down completely. Steve Raw's book The Last Enfield (ISBN-13: 978-0889353039) tells the story. The book available new from Collector Grade Publications, and can be found used pretty easily.

Robert W. Bethune