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Strange mis-manufactured cartridge from Remington

This cartridge was turned in to the Head Range Officer at Tri-County Sportsman's League (Saline, MI) by a shooter who complained that the cartridge didn't go off.

Upon initial examination, the rippling near the case mouth and the high primer showed right away that something was amiss.

Upon opening up the cartridge, the most remarkable artifact was found, or rather not found--there's no flash-hole! There wasn't any powder either.

The cartridge bears a Remington headstamp. Hard to understand how something with this many flaws in one unit got out the door--but it did!

The club is retaining the cartridge for use in range orientation and safety classes.

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This shows the most remarkable feature of
this cartridge--no flashhole in the brass!
Which explains why it didn't go off.

Note how the primer is backed out of the
case. Since there's no flashhole, there's
nowhere for the primer to go.

Note the heavy rippling of the cartridge near
the case mouth and the deformation of
the rim. This case and the manufacturer's
tooling just didn't work and play well together.

The bullet shows no damage or deformation.
Here's the base of the bullet, set upside-down
in the case just for easy photography. The
rest of the bullet is readily visible in the other
pictures on this page.

Robert W. Bethune


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