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A case of overpressure due to a double-charge in a 38 Special cartridge.

This picture is a graphic example of what certain signs of overpressure look like. You can click on the image to see it full-size.

The 38 Special case on the left was loaded and fired normally. The load was 3.9 grains of Alliant Bullseye behind a 158 grain Hornady HP/XTP, CCI #500 Small Pistol primer, Magtech brass.

The 38 Special case on the right was accidentally double-charged with 7.8 grains of Bullseye instead of 3.9 grain. You'll notice the clear signs of overpressure when you compare the two. The primer on the right is seriously flattened compared to the normal primer. The case head on the right is also flattened and smoothed in comparison to the case on the left. Oddly enough, the overcharged case did not show any signs of head separation.

These loads were fired in a Smith & Wesson K38 with a 4 inch barrel. As luck would have it, I happened to be firing across a chronograph at the time. The median velocity at 10 feet for 30 cartridges like the one on the left was 653 feet per second. The one on the right clocked 1212 feet per second.

While I'm glad I happened to experience this, I would like to emphasize that this is not the sort of thing one should be doing deliberately. Double-charging this case was a stupid mistake I don't intend to repeat. Serendipity allows us occasionally to commit interesting stupid mistakes rather than the usual boring stupid mistakes!

Robert W. Bethune


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