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Please fill out the form completely and accurately. I would prefer to respond only to serious inquiries, since it does take time and effort to consider each request. For that reason, I will only send you perusal scripts if you provide the information required for a royalty quote. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. Thank you!

Limited video rights

Please note: limited video righs are available for play texts from Freshwater Seas.
Further information about limited video rights is available here.

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Persual script information

Hardcopy texts of our plays are available from Please follow the links given at right.

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Texts of Antigone and Dracula will be available short.

Miss Julie and The Stronger

Minna von Barnhelm

The Mistress of the Inn

The Game of Love and Chance

Limited video rights?

Would you like to request limited video rights for your production? One hundred copies, one hundred dollars.
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