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The Last Renegade

by Robert Bethune

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You can purchase a copy of this print directly from the artist and pay via Paypal.

It's hard to get kids to come in when playtime's over, and it's hard to get iceboat skippers off the ice, for pretty much the same reasons. Who wants to stop when you're having fun? Still, the end of the day finally comes, and even the last Renegade skipper had to bring his boat to shore. The sun was all but down, the clouds were getting thicker, the air was getting colder, and the land and the lake were getting dimmer, so much so that even these colorful boats turned to shades of grey.

This detail of the cockpit of the boat shows how the image is actually made up of simple, almost formless shapes of black and various tones of gray. The human form of the skipper is just barely suggested, and only the overall shape of the iceboat clearly strikes the eye. The entire surface of the image is a muted play of restless, soft grey shapes, welcoming yet resisting darkness and the end of the day. Time to head off Lake Monona and head into Madison, Wisconsin for a good warm dinner.


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You can purchase a copy of this print directly from the artist and pay via Paypal.

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The Last Renegade is a 12.7x21.8 inch image printed on a 20x24 inch sheet. The print is priced at $43.00.

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