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Renegade at the Mark

by Robert Bethune

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You can purchase a copy of this print directly from the artist and pay via Paypal.

Reducing the speed and power of a Renegade-class iceboat moving at 100 miles per hour or more means realizing that there is a moment of stillness in the action, odd though that may sound. There is a moment, in the midst of furious action, when the iceboat skipper makes his move and asks that wild boat to make the turn. At that moment of transition, it does seem as though the world takes a breath for just an instant.

The bright colors of this boat and of the mark with its flags and streamers stands out against the chill, though not frigid, background of the frozen lake and the town beyond. Lake Monona sits in the midst of Madison, Wisconsin, so there is the constant promise of warm food and cold beer after a day on the frozen lake.

This detail shows the embossed look of the printed image. The forms of the brilliant yellow boat, of the skipper with his blue coat, and the cold grey snow and ice express the strength of the forces at work on the boat, the power of the wind and the ice, and the streamlined form of the hull.


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You can purchase a copy of this print directly from the artist and pay via Paypal.

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Renegade at the Mark is a 10x20 inch image printed on a 12x22 inch sheet. The print is priced at $39.00.

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