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Renegade at Lake Monona

by Robert Bethune

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Renegades are big, powerful iceboats that can easily hit 100 miles per hour. When they come to the turning point in the course--the red buoy with flags streaming in the wind at the right, they plain fact is that they aren't really under control! The regatta organizers let me go out on the ice to photograph the smaller boats, but waved me back to the viewing area when these boats hit the course. They explained that there's just nowhere I could possibly be safe out there.

This regatta took place at Lake Monona in Wisconsin. The lake sits in the middle of Madison, Wisconsin, so the atmosphere is a nice mixture of a college town and the open ice. You have lots of room for the boats, and plenty of places to go for good beer!

In this detail of the cockpit of the iceboat, the skipper is just a dark shadow, and the shapes of the boat and the ice seem as if they had been embossed in low relief. For me, that effect reminds me of the ice itself, a surface that is never really even, but constantly presenting low relief both to your feet and your eyes.


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You can purchase a copy of this print directly from the artist and pay via Paypal.

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