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Ketch at Harbor Springs

by Robert Bethune

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You can purchase a copy of this print directly from the artist and pay via Paypal.

Harbor Springs is a magical place, and seldom more magical than at dusk, when the sun has set behind the town and the little harbor picks up the textures of the darkening sky. When this lovely ketch glided smoothly into the bay against the trees of the peninsula beneath wisps of cloud still white, but ready to let the setting sun paint them with rose, the scene truly became complete.

I was not even a teenager yet when this scene unfolded in front of me and made me pick up my Instamatic-does anybody remember the Instamatic? and take yet another of those little Kodachrome slides. That slide stayed with me for years, following me around the world, until finally I scanned it and figure out how to turn it into something more than just a photograph.

The whole idea of this transformation is to give the image the deep, rich, yet soft feel of fine oils. Nor am I above doing a little re-writing of reality; this ketch was actually towing a dinghy when she appeared, but I decided the dinghy needed to vanish, and so it did.


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You can purchase a copy of this print directly from the artist and pay via Paypal.

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Ketch at Harbor Springs is a 16x20 inch image printed on a 20x24 inch sheet. The print is priced at $43.00

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