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Four DN's

by Robert Bethune

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You can purchase a copy of this print directly from the artist and pay via Paypal.

The day was overcast in the early morning; after the skippers had prepared their boats, there was a lull in the action under cool gray skies. The snow and ice on the lake created the perfect backdrop for this high-key approach to the white sails and handsome wood tones of the boats. Of course, anytime there's a break in the action, the guys find themselves talking about--you guessed it--iceboats!

This image is is produced on a 24 by 17 inch sheet; the giclee image itself on the print is 21 by 14 inches at 150 dots per inch, leaving a 1.5-inch border for easy framing and matting. It is printed from a 3150 by 2100 pixel, 18.9 megabyte master file.

This detail shows the texture of the image, which plays off the high-key effect of the light tones in the image to create a look almost as though seen through a terra-cotta filter--if there could be such a thing. One might also imagine it as painted on an irregular tile surface.


Ordering information

You can purchase a copy of this print directly from the artist and pay via Paypal.

Every print ordered from Freshwater Seas is produced to order by the artist using archival materials and processes and shipped directly via US Priority Mail.

The cost of shipping and all applicable taxes are included in the price of the print. Prints are normally shipped within five business days from receipt of the order.

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Four DN's is a 14x21 inch image printed on a 20x24 inch sheet. The print is priced at $43.00

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