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Daisies in the Wind

by Robert Bethune

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You can purchase a copy of this print directly from the artist and pay via Paypal.

Remember how Rousseau captured the seeming tranquility of the jungle while suggesting underlying dangers and unknown fears? Even on a small scale, the natural world presents both faces. Here, a group of daisies twists and turns in the grip of some force, wind perhaps, or perhaps something that actually warps their world at a fundamental level.

This is one of several images in which I've worked with the idea of geometric distortion to suggest an underlying disturbance, some force loose in the world, ready to do good or ill, uncaring of which.

This detail shows how the image is made up of elements that have been distorted both in terms of fundamental geometry and made abstract in color and line. The depth of the picture is almost, but not quite, flattened; there is still room for hidden danger and mysterious will behind and between the flowers and the leaves. This is a world writ small, with tiny but real mysteries.


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You can purchase a copy of this print directly from the artist and pay via Paypal.

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Daisies in the wind is a 21x14 inch image printed on a 16x24 inch sheet. The print is priced at $43.00.

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