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The Poor Bald Bluejay

Here's a shot of a bluejay moulting for fall. The bird has apparently decided that Turkey Vulture styles are "in" this year.

Bob's Cowbird, or, the lovelorn Molothrus

Here's a short video of the cowbird who decided to spend his mornings looking in my windows and doing his graceful little courting bow. His habit of "people-watching" - just like "birdwatching," only reversed - has even spread to other birds; we've got orioles and even titmice looking in our windows now. I half-seriously wonder if this bird was raised in a window-mounted nest box and became imprinted on people? At any rate, he's a seriously confused cowbird! (May, 2015.)

Bob's Cowbird


Shopsmith design issue

The following photos show the table tilt lock knob issue on the Shopsmith Mark 7 (model 520 table system.) These photos were taken November 14, 2014, of a Shopsmith Mark 7 manufactured in the early part of 2014. I've contacted Customer Service about this and I'm waiting for their reply, also as of 11/14/2014.

This first one shows how the table tilt lock knob binds against a rib on the underside of the table.

This second photo shows another way the table tilt lock knob binds against the table ribs.


Here are two photos showing how cleanly a bluejay can pick the nuts out of a peanut!

A peanut shell neatly emptied by a bluejay. Ann Arbor, Michigan, 12/9/2001.

Another view of the same peanut shell neatly emptied by a bluejay. Ann Arbor, Michigan, 12/9/2001.

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