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The Tintinnabulum Project

by Robert Bethune

I am seriously hooked on melodic percussion, and that's what this music is all about.

First fruits of the Tintinnabulum project:

The Twelve Songs of Christmas (and two more for good measure.)

Click here (if you have iTunes) and go straight to this album.

This project is an album of traditional Christmas and holiday music, featuring melodic percussion. It developed out of the underscoring work I did for our audiobook production of A Christmas Carol. The sounds of the holidays lend themselves wonderfully to this kind of instrumentation. Needless to say, the album features Carol of the Bells .

Where can the music from the Tintinnabulum project be found?
At all these online stores and more:

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There's another project I'm working on.

This set is an album of classical music arranged for melodic percussion. The Tintinnabulum version of Katchaturian's Sabre Dance is just about ready; I'm still tweaking the mix a bit. The Tintinnabulumization of Bach's Toccata and Fugue in Dm. is also just in that final tweaking stage. Samples of both will be here soon.

Our music is available in MP3 format and on CD audio.
Of course, we think the CD has the best quality,
but the MP3's are good too--high bit rates
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