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I have noticed an increase in postings from unverifiable sources for "opportunities" that seem to me to be bogus. Going forward I will remove, at my own discretion, any such postings that I notice. To avoid that, be sure to include fully verifiable contact information about the organization and contact person you list. I will verify listings on a random basis as time permits.

How does this services work?

It's really very simple.

This website is intended to hold information about auditions to be held in the Ann Arbor, Michigan area. That area includes Washtenaw County, Michigan and the counties of Southeastern Michigan. Please don't enter audition information for events outside that area. Auditions for films, dance, theater, opera, improv, and similar activities of interest to theatrical actors, directors and designers are welcome. Postings for design, technical, logistic and administrative work are also welcome.

People who are putting on a production are free to post information about their auditions here. Frequently they do so. If you would like to do that, click on "Post Your Audition Information" above and follow the instructions and fill in the form you'll find there. There is no charge to do this; this site is completely free to both producers and performers.

You may also post information about other opportunities such as classes. However, audience-related promotion for productions that have already been cast will be deleted. Ths is not a publicity website.

Please note that any posting that, in my sole judgment, constitutes a commercial advertisement will be deleted.

When I see that new information has been posted, I try to send out a heads-up email that includes the information you post. I usually do that on Mondays. I try very hard make that happen, but sometimes I am not able to get to it. Also, sometimes weeks go by without anybody posting anything, so email from me will be irregular.

When you receive one of my heads-up emails, or you simply decide to check in, you visit this website, click into the Auditions List, and read what's posted. If you need further information, you contact the producer using the contact information given in the listing.

I usually do not have any information other than what the producer posts here.
Contact the producer directly for further information.
You'll just slow yourself down by contacting me instead.

If you still have questions about these audition pages, please send me an email.

Best of luck with your auditions and your productions!

Robert Bethune