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for everyone who loves,
who ever loved,
who searches for love,
who suffers from love,
who rejoices in love,
these poems are for you. I love thee...
...let me count...
poems for lovers

Are you in love? Have you ever been in love? Do you wish you were in love? Or perhaps you wish you weren't in love?

This set of 70 poems is for you.

It ranges in time from the classical Greece to the voices of the early 20th century.

It includes voices from Sappho to Shakespeare to Edgar Lee Masters, from Elizabeth Barrett Browning to Sara Teasdale. It includes some voices you might not expect: Ralph Waldo Emerson, Edgar Allan Poe, Rainer Maria Rilke, John Donne, Walt Whitman.

It speaks of love gained, of love sought, of love accepted, of love rejected, of love in hate, of love beyond the grave, of love exalted, of love refused. Every mode and color of love is here, as spoken by great poets of all ages, men and women alike.

Enjoy these poems with someone you love, and let their messages sink into your hearts.

Here are some samples:

"She walks in beauty...." by Lord Byron, from Hebrew Melodies "A November Night," by Sara Teasdale, from Love Songs "How can I keep my soul from touching yours", by Sappho. "The Young Man’s Song," by William Butler Yeats.


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