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Mrs. Molesworth's Ghost Stories
Four Uncanny Tales

Mary Louisa Molesworth was one of the best-loved writers of the Victorian period. Best known for her books for children, she also wrote interesting and unusual ghost stories--no so much written to frighten as to explore how human feelings and relationships might affect people even after they died, and how that might affect the living as well. The first in our series of four titles, Mrs. Molesworth's Ghost Stories: Four Uncanny Tales includes "Lady Farquhar's Old Lady," "Witnessed by Two," "Unexplained," and "The Rippling Train."

Unlike most ghost story writers, Mary Louisa Molesworth does not want to make you wake up screaming in the middle of the night. You may wake up with a shiver, but you'll also wake wake up feeling thoughtful, musing on how the mysteries of love, compassion, and memory can extend themselves into the realm of the supernatural.

In "Lady Farquhar's Old Lady", she explores how women fallen on hard times never quite lose their attachment to their homes, even in death.

In "Witnessed by Two", she lets us see how the deepest connections of the spirit can form a visible bridge over thousands of miles when love's need for love will not allow itself to go unspoken.

In "Unexplained", she shares with us how travelers happen across an old connection to an old mystery, and it changes their lives forever, while remaining forever mysterious. And lastly, in "The Rippling Train", again she takes us on a visit into lives whose love crosses the bridge of time and distance, even if only for a moment, and even though leaving much unseen and unknown. Enjoy!

Mrs. Molesworth's Ghost Stories
Four More Uncanny Tales

In this set of "Uncanny Tales," Mary Louisa Molesworth deftly makes us feel the shiver of ghostly mystery without actually giving us a ghost! Or, to put it another way, she's interested in a different kind of ghostly presence.

In "The Man with the Cough", it is the ghostly presence of a secret agent, and the ghostly experience of events that seem like a dream, but have real-world consequences.

In "Halfway Between the Stiles", it is the ghostly presence of old memories of love that will not die away, and again, the real world responds.

In "Will Not Take Place", it is a man who almost becomes a ghost, so thoroughly does he cut himself off from friends, family and the woman he loves.

And in "The Clock that Struck Thirteen", a woman finds that the man she loves can become a ghostly presence, influencing her life behind the scenes.

Mary Louisa Molesworth makes you shiver, but she also makes you laugh, and she even makes you think about the mysteries of the world.


Mrs. Molesworth's Ghost Stories
The Last Four Uncanny Tales

We have the pleasure of presenting not only three more stories by Mary Louisa herself, but also one by her son, Bevil.

The first story, "The Shadow in the Moonlight", is one of her scariest. A plucky young lady and her brothers confront a ghost that brings the cold of death. Can they resist?

The second story, "At The Dip In The Road", is classic Molesworth - a sudden, mysterious encounter that leaves us with unanswerable questions of life and death.

In "Old Gervais", we encounter a different sort of ghost - one that cares very much about work left unfinished and clients left unsatisfied. Who knew that ghosts care about customer service?

Last but not least, the story by her son, Bevil, not only captures a wonderfully uncanny moment, but also presents us with a rare glimpse of life in Patagonia a century ago. It's pretty generally thought that Mary Louisa did a pretty thorough revision of it, but it's a good story and clearly one that she cared about very much.



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