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Rudyard Kipling: Tales of the Elephant

Three stories by Rudyard Kipling, all about the marvelous nature of elephants.

In "The Elephant's Child", we learn how the elephant got his trunk--one of the favorite tales from the Just-So Stories.

In "Moti Guj, Mutineer," we learn what happens when an elephant has made a bargain--and humans have failed to do their part!

In "Toomai of the Elephants," we learn how a special child and his relationship to a special elephant allow him to see something no one in the world has ever seen before.

Rudyard Kipling: Tales of the Jungle

In these two tales drawn from the magical world of the jungles of India, Rudyard Kipling explores issues of good and evil, courage and honor, materialism and spirituality.

In "The King's Ankus", the wolf-boy Mowgli confronts a treasure made long ago by humankind--treasure for which humankind will kill, and kill, and kill again.

In "The Miracle of Purun Bhagat", a man who has known wealth, and power, and great responsibility casts all that aside for the humble life of a wandering beggar-priest--until circumstances bring him once more to take command and save life.

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