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Voices of the Ghost IV: The Canterville Ghost

.. Pity Sir Simon de Canterville, the poor Ghost of Canterville Chase! He killed his wife and was then starved to death by her brothers, but ever since then he's been happily haunting the family's mansion, always inventing fresh characters and costumes and blood-curdling shrieks.

Now along comes the Otis family, confident brash Americans who really aren't impressed by an old British ghost. What's a poor spirit to do? Only the young daughter of the family is sympathetic, and only she can help him solve his problem once and for all. Oscar Wilde's witty text and clever story-telling will make this one of your favorite humorous ghost stories.

The story is by Oscar Wilde, the same master of comedy responsible for The Importance of Being Earnest, as well has masterpieces of the novel such as The Picture of Dorian Gray. It has flashes of his trademark satirical wit, including a couple of clever digs at world affairs, and also shows his skill at characterization, including a very touching relationship that develops between the young daughter of the family and the Ghost himself.

And last but not least, we have amusing glimpses of the the spirit world--a world full of theatricality, of ghosts who spend the whole year preparing their costumes, props, makeup and characters for the Great Night Out on Halloween.

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