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Voices of the Ghost III: Wicked Wraiths

Here are two terrifying and sobering stories of ghosts who will stop at nothing!

"The Romance of Certain Old Clothes"
The American master storyteller Henry James gives us a story full of questions. A woman loses her heart to a man, but then loses that man to her sister. Which did she really want: her sister's husband, or her sister's trousseau? Will her desires cost her her life? When her sister dies, she finally marries him, and her sister's trousseau comes to her as well - along with a spirit of jealous envy, even of the dead, that leads her to a terrible confrontation. The mastery of human psychology that marked all of Henry James' work plays out in this mystery of the human heart, a mystery that even goes beyond the grave.

"Lost Hearts"
In this M. R. James story, three children learn that a classical scholar's love of the past has led him into a terrible and bloody delusion. His bloody fixation on hermetic lore, which seems to promise eternal life, leads two of them to their deaths, but not to the end of their existence. That does not come, if it comes at all, until the third child falls into the scholar's power.

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