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Voices of the Ghost II: Mysterious Meetings


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Three great tales of meetings with ghosts, and perhaps more than ghosts!

"The Haunted Doll's House"
M. R. James' story puts the listener in a position, unique in ghostly literature - of experiencing the whole of a haunting from an almost godlike perspective - able to "see" and hear everything, unable to intervene, and unable to tear oneself away from the terrible events unfolding.

"On the Brighton Road"
This story, by Richard Middleton, creates a very subtle kind of horror. One figure limps beside a lonely road; another walks the same road, down on his luck and with few prospects. They form a bond, and it turns out there is a very dark side to it - one that may reach past death itself!

"The Vacant Lot"
Mary E. Wilkins Freeman's tale is both a ghost story and a mystery, and the mystery is as interesting as the ghost story. It is, quite literally, a matter of haunted ground, of old wrongs done, of old blood sunk in the earth that will not lie quiet. The listener, indeed, may also have a hard time lying quiet!

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