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Poetry of Stephen Crane, volume I: The Black Riders

In 1894, when Stephen Crane was just twenty-two years old, he showed his friend, Hamlin Garland, a set of poems in manuscript. Garland showed them to John D. Barry, who arranged for a public reading of the new work. Crane could not summon up the courage to read the poems, or even attend the reading; he waited outside on the street while Barry read them. The publishing firm of Copeland and Day took on the work, and Stephen Crane was a published poet. Six months later, The Red Badge of Courage appeared, and Stephen Crane's literary career was on its way. He still didn't have enough money to live on, but his work had reached the public. Just six years later, he was dead of tuberculosis.

Today, over a hundred years later, his poems are incredibly fresh. Torn by a sense of his own sin, outraged by the capricious behavior of a God he rejected, his poems brim with bitteness, yet carry with them a sane and sarcastic humor as well. Tremendously laconic and always moving directly to the point, he demands his listener's full attention, and rewards it.

Poetry of Stephen Crane, volume II: War Is Kind

Stephen Crane's second book of poetry followed up the success of his first book, Black Riders. The bitterly ironic title of the book speaks for the bitterly ironic contents.

His search for love, his lonely, bitter struggle to make his peace with God, the war in his heart between cynicism and an unshakeable longing for truth and beauty in the world - these all continue in his second book.

Sadly, this second book was also his last, for he died tragically young. The Freshwater Seas presentation of his work also includes a third set of uncollected and posthumously published poetry--see below.

Poetry of Stephen Crane, volume III: Additional poems

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When Stephen Crane died of tuberculosis at the shockingly young age of 28, he had published two books of poetry, The Black Riders and War Is Kind. However, that did not represent the sum of his work. Some of his poems had been published in periodicals without being included in either of the two books and some were found among his papers and effects after his death.

These 30 poems form, in essence, a third volume of his work. Indeed, there are almost as many poems in this category as there are poems in War Is Kind. Some, such as "All-feeling God, hear in the war-night" are among his most powerful work. All display the classic Crane voice: cynical, often despairing, utterly at war with God, yet able to see past mere cynicism and despair to a deep, true perception of the world as he knew it.

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