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Translations and adaptations of classic plays and literature for the stage: Aeschylus, Goldoni, Marivaux, Strindberg, Sophocles, Stoker, .Lessing.

Audio books

Audio performances of fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. Available on Audible, Amazon, and Simply Audiobooks.


Visual work that starts out as photography, and then is transformed: visual metamorphosis.


Celebrating the tour through the Great Lakes of the Picton Castle. Click here to go to the Amazon page for this video!


The Tintinnabulum Project
Explorations of classical and modern music centered around exploring the possibilities of melodic percussion.

Thank you for visiting!

I'd like to take a moment, since you've been so kind to scroll down this far, to introduce myself, what I do, and what this website is all about.

I'm an independent artist. I work in many kinds of digital media, creating works for theater, audio books, photography, video and music that I hope many people will enjoy.


I have done translations and adaptations for the stage from the classic literature of the world, including authors such as Pierre Marivaux (The Game of Love and Chance,) Gotthold Lessing (Minna von Barnhelm,) Carlo Goldoni (The Mistress of the Inn,) August Strindberg (Miss Julie and The Stronger,) Federico Garcia Lorca (The House of Bernarda Alba,) Bram Stoker (Dracula.) and Aeschylus (Oresteia).


I work with Susie Berneis. We've done titles by a whole bookshelf of authors.


I'm working on what I call The Katagraphica Project. I start with a normal photograph, and then I play with it until it starts changing in some interesting way. I then follow the changes and find more changes, until finally I have an image that might resemble a work of art in traditional media such as watercolor, acrylics or oils, or might look like something done in some medium that hasn't quite been invented yet. In this area, my next project is to apply this approach to theatrical photography, so there will be some interesting crossover there.


I am an independent film producer. I offer DVD versions of several plays I have translated for the stage, including The Game of Love and Chance, The Mistress of the Inn, Minna von Barnhelm, and Miss Julie & The Stronger. I also offer a documentary on the tall ship Picton Castle, taking the viewer on her travels through the Great Lakes.


I am fascinated by harmonic percussion, and the strange and amazing, or amusing, or appalling things that happen when you run classical music through a harmonic percussion ensemble. I call this The Tintinnabulum Project, and I will soon be posting some of the results here. If you'd like to hear Khachaturian done by a steel band, or Bach done by a team of maddened vibes players, this is the place--stay tuned!

How and why I do what I do

I make things, and I can't help but go on making things; it's easier to do it than not to do it, and besides, the work is there, like Everest was for Edmund Hillary. So I do it! And I have one cast-iron rule: the work must please and provoke me while pleasing and provoking others. If it does that, I'm happy, and I go on to try to do it again!


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